Paris attacks

Yesterday, November 13th 2015, we had a new demonstration of how real evil and the absolute ignorance related with the spiritual subjects can impact our lives in our society. Especially when the people confuse a pseudo-spirituality contaminated by ego with true spirituality, the one connecting us all in the name of the miracle of life and which attributes can be nothing else than Love and Compassion.

Today, we mourn and pray for our beloved French friends, sisters and brothers who lost their lives in an announced tragedy. I am often working in France and I am in contact with French people on a daily basis. Therefore I feel particularly close to all those families, heavily wasted by the tragic events of yesterday and heavily mutilated in their feelings, life plans and sureness. Your pain is my pain, your tears are my tears, your loss is my loss. May the spirits of light carry the souls of your beloved ones to the brightest gleaming dimensions while giving you and us the strength to endure the pain of the open wounds and to challenge fear.

Tons of Love and Respect to all of You.

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