IL CIGNO NERO reloaded

Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY are proud to announce the release of their new single, a “reloaded” version of the song IL CIGNO NERO (from the album PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS) sounding epic and cinematic but at the same time very powerful too, featuring partially re-arranged keyboards and completely re-arranged and re-recorded guitar and bass parts. The song will be released by NUCLEAR BLAST on DECEMBER 18th together with a lyric video realized by LUCA TURILLI.


Once again, the song was recorded and mixed at the BACKYARD STUDIOS of SEBASTIAN ROEDER and mastered at the MSM-STUDIOS of CHRISTOPH STICKEL.

ALESSANDRO CONTI, the singer of the band, explains: ”When Luca composed IL CIGNO NERO and arranged the orchestral and choral parts for it, we immediately thought that such song would have sounded special with louder guitars too. This new single release is a great chance to let the people enjoy one of our favorite album tracks dressed in a different way and showing the heaviest side of the band.”

STEFAN HEILEMANN (EPICA, LINDEMANN) created a new amazing artwork for IL CIGNO NERO [RELOADED]. ALEX LANDENBURG, the drummer, states: “Since the work he made for the PROMETHEUS album, we all felt in love with his unique graphic style. Stefan is surely the perfect man for our RHAPSODY band, as he is able to give us that photorealistic visual impact making the difference on the way to look more cinematic than ever before.”

Nuclear Blast Website by Karsten vom Wege