Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY, the creators of CINEMATIC METAL, have announced their European PROMETHEUS CINEMATIC TOUR. The band will tour in support of their latest album “PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS” released by Nuclear Blast Records.

RHAPSODY singer Alessandro Conti is very excited about this tour: ”We are excited and proud to present the new world tour starting in Europe. We’ll enrich our cinematic shows with video-projections with strong visuals, a real trademark of our new RHAPSODY band. An unique setlist consisting of songs from our last albums, some RHAPSODY classics, a few tracks from LUCA TURILLI’s solo discography and some songs that have never been played before. Moreover, Emilie Ragni, the lead soprano performing on PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS, will be on stage with us for some magic unforgettable duets. See you soon!“

Special guests supporting Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY soon to be announced. Stay tuned!

Nuclear Blast Website by Karsten vom Wege