Alex Landenburg

DATE OF BIRTH: 30/10/1979
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ottweiler (Germany)

EQUIPMENT: Mapex Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, VATER Drumsticks, REMO Drumheads, 2BOX Electronics

FAVOURITE BANDS: Fates Warning, Symphony X, Toto, Journey, Queen, Yngwie J.Malmsteen, Dream Theater

FAVOURITE ALBUMS: V (Symphony X), Operation: Mindcrime & Rage For Order (Queensryche), Perfect Symmetry & Parallels (Fates Warning), Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt. II (Helloween), Fire & Ice (Yngwie J.Malmsteen), Mercy Falls (Seventh Wonder), Isolate (Circus Maximus), Dead Heart In A Dead World (Nevermore), Set The World On Fire (Annihilator), When The Blackbirds Sing (Saraya), Go On (Mr. Mister), Images and Words & Awake (Dream Theater)

HOBBIES AND PASSIONS: Movies, videogames, reading, cooking, drinking coffee

CURIOSITIES, WORDS AND THOUGHTS: He loves travelling and meeting people

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